LaTeX in the Browser

James Carlson
2 min readNov 6, 2020


I’d like to announce the Alpha4 Release of, an app for doing LaTeX in the browser—a great way to publish class notes, problem sets, etc., along with many other uses.

I’ve used the app a good deal myself, but now, to make it fulfill its purpose, I need feedback from real users. The app has a chat feature (Chat button, lower right, see screen shot at end). You can use the chat to report bugs, make suggestions, and ask questions. And yes, you can write equations in LaTeX in the chat!

Some features

  • No setup. Just start typing and see LaTeX rendered before your eyes.
  • Fast. To say instantaneous would be to violate Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, but rendering documents is almost that fast.
  • Collaborate. You can share both reading and editing with one or more people.
  • Work anywhere you have an internet connection and a web browser.
  • Share. Press the “public” button and your document is accessible to all. Email links to students. Or make a home page on the app and post links there.
  • Export to a standard LaTeX file ready to use with pdflatex. Or export to PDF.

Getting started

  • Sign up at
  • Press control-N or the New button to create a document, then start typing.
  • Note that documents are saved automatically, roughly twice per second.

If you are new to LaTeX, try the Learning LaTeX tutorial. Below is a screenshot of some physics class notes. Note that (as in the screenshot) one can make a “book” with table of contents, chapters, etc.

More features coming soon.

Technical note. The app is written in Elm and uses Lamdera, an integrated all-Elm front-to-backend solution. The app can also render Math-Markdown: like Markdown, but you can do the usual TeX-LaTeX thing with formulas.